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The Story Behind Up Learnings

Those who know are the one who really cares.

Priyankka Deoo

While the world is getting digital, there are places where books define the educational boundaries of minds. Locked minds are chained with the past and the present. Future, being uncertain remains disguised for them.

Power is not in knowing what happened, but in what can happen.

Unlocking your mind and looking beyond the defined barriers empowers you to create history.

Priyanka Deoo is one such visionary lady who decided to contribute for a better future. As the first step of her mission, she left her job as a Data Scientist at Infosys few years ago and started teaching Abacus and Vedic Mathematics to young children later on started with Coding to kids and Robotics With her personalized teaching techniques, she made sure numbers are fun for young minds. 

As a visionary woman, our founder aims to provide STEM-based education. With an approach to teaching beyond the theoretical boundaries, she wants to equip children with practical knowledge with four disciplines of STEM concept – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Cohesive learning for holistic development is what Up Learning is all about.

To lead this tip-top world, an ordinary human needs an exceptional mind. While the designed education system involves the working of left-brain and not of right-brain, she decided to strive for the complete development of children from an early age. Understanding the significance of brain development activities for kids, she started working on strategies to unlock the analytical and logical reasoning skills for kids. As the chief faculty at Up Learning, she has personalized syllabus with brain development classes for kids. The interactive sessions are customized to impart knowledge quoted with fun with these after school activities for kids. To promote creative ability, children will be learning Robotics and Coding as well.   

Endeavoring for absolute development of the brain, the passion for teaching as a driving force behind her vision gave rise to Up Learning.