Coding To Kids

Virtual Coding Classes for kids

Machines rule today's world

Realizing the time’s spirit, Up Learning has come up with online coding classes for kids. With a concept of online coding classes for kids, Up Learning will be teaching programming and coding to children on offline mode as well.

From problem-solving skills to creativity, critical thinking to thinking out of the box, there are many reasons to learn to programming and coding.  Understanding computers and learning the basics of coding helps children to develop an attraction of how things work. It also teaches them how software engineers generally use math to solve problems logically and creatively, which is not just book-oriented education. Coding makes them smarter than their peer group, it teaches them to plan and organize thoughts.

Learning programming at a young age do benefits to kids or young minds in many ways

It won’t be wrong if we regard it as a newer type of literacy. It is a useful skill in everyday life, also in today’s digital world. For today’s generation, having at least a basic level of expertise at programming will make it easier to use link devices, manage files across multiple platforms, and smartphone. 

Creativity Thinking Fluidity

Children have creative and fluid minds that allow them to think in a more “out of the box” way. The nearly endless ways of coding and solving problems can inspire kids to grow..

Computational Thinking

Computational thinking highly encouraged in coding as it involves logic, assessment, patterns, automation, and generalization. Computational Thinking means solving problems like computer scientists.

Educational Benefits

Learning to code can help you do better in other subjects that you’re studying.In coding kids learn how to break down a problem into individual steps and use a language that computer understands to make it work.

Coding as another language, its not only unlocks the right-brain but is also

Improves writing academic performance

Fosters creativity.

Helps children become confident problem solvers

Allows children with mathematical skills

Equips the kids with skills that are important in future

Coding is the new literacy

Understanding the need of an hour, Up Learning has customized the age-wise syllabus for coding programs for kids in Pune. The programming classes for kids at Up Learning includes Scratch Programming, App development, Website development , Artificial Intelligence and Python programming

Scratch programming language is designed to be fun, informative, and easy to learn. This programming is referred to as “drag-and-drop programming.” It has the tools for creating interactive simulations, stories, games, art, and more, using block-based programming. Scratch even has its own paint and sound editor inbuilt in it. The Scratch programming course by Up Learning is conceptualized in a way that students can easily learn from the basics to advanced animation.

In today’s digital world, applications are turning out to be time-savers for humankind. From education to entertainment, applications have changed the definitions of many. Therefore, on Up Learning, your child can not only learn to make his own applications but also can register on the Play Store. Application development means the code development and deployment of all the computer applications we use today. Conceptually, an app is a software product designed to help us finish our tasks efficiently with the least effort by the user. Application development is uniquely distinguished from computer programming because it involves many more steps before doing the actual writing of the computer program. If you own a smartphone or any device, you may have encountered and used them to make your life a little bit easier.

With the arrival of the internet as one of the basic necessities of human life, website development has increased exponentially over time. Website development involves a skilled person to develop web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, etc. using a simple single motionless page of plain text; therefore, people are demanding so much these days. As an essential tool for advertisements as the right webpage will attract customers, website development works at the back end to make a website look great, work fast, and perform well for the best UX. From its creation to maintenance, website development includes everything in a way that everything looks excellent and works quickly and efficiently.

Recognized as a “scripting language,” Python is a type of object-oriented programming language with integrated dynamic semantics primarily for the application and website development. Python is essentially an interpreted language, which indicates that the written code is not translated into a computer understanding format at runtime; whereas, many programming languages perform this conversion before the running of the program. Initially meant to be used for small projects, the scripting language concept has changed considerably since its beginning. Nowadays, Python is used to write large, commercial-style applications, instead of just common ones.

The way we humans learn by observing things, similarly machines too learn from their surroundings. They can think on their own. Usually, we think that machines give us output in the system as per the pre-defined program feed in them, but even machines have evolved over the last few years. That’s the spell of Artificial Intelligence, which is a computer program. As the world around is getting more digital and smarter, AI is also becoming smart by handling multiple things at a time. Bulk work can now be conveniently finished in lesser time. With live coding classes for kids at Pune, Up Learning will also be teaching about Artificial Intelligence (AI) to students.

Coding classes for kids teach problem-solving, attention to detail, and how to be part of teamwork. As a result, coding contributes to the mental development of students by building their self-confidence and help them how to tackle risks and experience the thrill of creating something from scratch. Students learning to code don’t merely perform random fixes, one after the other until something works. They learn a more artistic approach—kids who code learn to use the problem-solving framework and implement the right fix, which boost their minds in many ways and brush up their skills. With a concept of teaching coding to kids classes in Pune, Up Learning attempts to empower kids in every possible way. Not just in terms of mental development, but overall development.

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