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Vedic Mathematics Course for kids

Do you think you have a phobia from mathematics? Is it one subject that you prefer to ignore? If yes, then say NO to phobia now! 

Providing Vedic Mathematics Course for kids, Up Learning has customized fun-learning Vedic mathematics sessions for children. 

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motivates children to calculate mentally

It reduces the dependency on calculators

creativity, sharpness, intelligence

provides a set of independent cross-checking methods.

Veda is a Sanskrit word, which means “knowledge.” The history of Vedic mathematics is very old and is in existence from the time immemorial. It was discovered by Indian mathematician Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji in the period between A.D. 1911 and 1918, and he has published many books which deal with Vedic mathematics concept. Vedic mathematics is the branch of arithmetic mathematics that deals with calculating the numbers by the fastest way in a less amount of time. It comprises 16 formulas, which are the easiest tricks to find an answer to a question verbally or by writing very less on paper. These techniques are used to solve problems from arithmetic, geometry, algebra, calculus, and menstruation.

Indian mathematician Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji derived his knowledge by doing meditation and reading our ancient scriptures like Rig Veda, which holds an important place even in our current time. With these ancient rich techniques, it is much easier to do these calculations within minutes or seconds. They can do addition, division, multiplication, and subtraction in simple and easy steps without using a calculator anymore. Vedic mathematics is the gift to our world by our ancient sage and is used in various countries of Europe and the USA (including NASA), and we must be proud of it. 

The foremost allure of Vedic mathematics is there fast techniques, which encourage them to compete and calculate fast in their minds. If you are a mathematics enthusiast and love solving problem sums and tricky questions, Vedic Mathematics is something that will boost your interest in doing those sums. If you are solving a sum with a traditional method, it will take a good amount of time, whereas if you start solving it with Vedic mathematics tricks, you can get your answer at ten times faster rate. 

In the current world, the majority of our youth population wants to make a career in government sectors like banking exams like IBPS, SSC CGL, SSC CPO, CHSL, LIC, IB, and many others. With a cut-throat competition to secure a government job, mathematical calculation and accuracy play a crucial in all such exams. Be it preliminary or at the mains exam, in a limited time, you have to solve more answers to excel. With the transformation of online mode examination from offline, one made the competition more difficult because you are given a single rough sheet on which you have to do around 50 or more than those questions. So if your calculation is good, you can easily solve more and more questions, which increases your chances of getting selected. Apart from government exams, there are entrance exams conducted by prestigious universities for MBA and other courses like CAT, CET, SAT, etc. So while preparing for any such exam, if you are facing difficulty in doing mathematics or you have a fear of mathematics, then Vedic mathematics can turn out to be your solution. The students here have realized that their aversion to mathematics has turned into their keen interest in this subject. So if a child is facing difficulty in concentrating on numeral problems, Vedic mathematics helps them to get engaged with calculations without feeling bore. It’s beneficial for appearing in long stressful exams.

Who Can Join Vedic Maths Class?

There are so many students who get shivers while doing mathematical sums because their concepts are not clear, and they start developing a hatred for mathematics. So in this respect, Vedic mathematics connects them from their surroundings and assists them in finding solutions by adopting their innovative skills. For parents who are looking for Vedic mathematics training for kids, Up Learning is offering a Vedic mathematics course for kids. Any child who is in 6th grade or above can enroll for Vedic mathematics classes in Pune. 

Age group      Number of levels

11+                     3

The course is conceptualized in 3 levels. Each level will be of 12  sessions. To ensure personal attention to every child, each session will have at least 3 children at a time on an online as well as offline round-table session. Mathematics is an important subject and due to its strong roots in our history. The faculty at Up Learning works to prepare a strong foundation of this subject from a very tender age, so the students enjoy it rather than becoming phobic. Therefore, for each topic, students will be given a set of 35+ questions so that if a student has a mathematics phobia, he/she can easily conquer it by using the concepts of Vedic mathematics. 

Each session will be an interactive fun-learning session to ensure that it leaves no room for mathematics fear and class become more active and fun. Students will have to pass the test to enroll for the next level. With every passing level, they will be rewarded with a passing certificate. If these virtues are imbibed at a young age among kids, it helps them to perform better in academic, mental mathematics quizzes and other activities with more interest. 

So if you are looking for the best Vedic mathematics classes in Pune for your child to sharpen his mathematical skills, then Up Learning can turn out to be the best offer for you. They can adopt these techniques for speedy calculations. The mental agility and intelligence will rise to a new level, and the students will be able to get more accurate answers, which boost the self-confidence and create interest in numbers. It also helps to cultivate innovative minds that are eager to find new ways to solve problems. Vedic mathematics classes in Pune by Up Learning is a boon for students, scholars, mathematics lovers, and teachers because of their personalized courses that assist them in solving challenging questions and reach to new levels.